ALLDAQ ADQ-255-cPCI / ±10,24 V, 16 bit A/D, 250 kS/s, 8x I/O


Ideal for high-speed data logging and audio analysis

The ADQ-255 DAQ board has 8 potential-free voltage inputs. It is equipped with individual 16bit A/D converters per channel, which can record synchronously with up to 250kS/s. In addition, an 8-bit digital I/O port and 2 isolated trigger inputs are available. Typical applications are high speed data logging and audio analysis.

  • Analog data acquisition card with CompactPCI interface
  • 8 potential-free, fully differential voltage inputs
  • insulation voltage: 700 V (channel to channel / channel to PC)
  • 16 bit A/D converter per channel for synchronous sampling up to 250 kS/s
  • Input voltage range: ±10,24 V
  • Digital I/O port (8 bit) via HDMI connector
  • 2 isolated digital trigger input for A/D part
  • &“monitoring of the digital inputs for bit &“change with interrupt generation
  • Optionally suitable connection cable with MMCX plug to BNC plug or MMCX plug to MMCX plug
  • Optional Special terminal block for ADQ-250 series
  • Comprehensive software support included (see "Software"-Tab)

The boards are available with a wide range of voltage inputs on demand. As with all our boards we can adjust them to your individual needs.

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