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Stand-Alone Automation and Datalogging

EnviroDAQ: Measuring, controlling, regulating with IP-based sensor and control center - ideal for environmental and building automation


EnviroDAQ: Measuring, controlling, regulating with IP-based sensor and control center – now with ALLDAQ

Under the name EnviroDAQ, we now offer a comprehensive family of devices for IP-based measurement, control and regulation. The EnviroDAQ platform is a comprehensive series of network-based devices for monitoring buildings and the environment with its own intelligence.

Intelligent and versatile

The integrated processor enables the MSR centres to operate autonomously. Once they have been conveniently set via the network, no further intervention is necessary. A large selection of sensors and actuators is available to solve a wide variety of tasks.

Typical areas of application are, for example, the monitoring of temperature, humidity, air pressure or water level, as well as the triggering of switching supplies via relays. This can be done manually, time-controlled or automatically depending on the recorded values. In addition to switching the individual actuators, warnings can also be sent by e-mail as soon as the measured values have left the target range. This allows safe and reliable control and monitoring of systems at remote locations. The recorded data can be stored in the device, sent by e-mail or retrieved via FTP as required. The integrated JSON and XML interface also allow easy integration into complex installations or your own software products for control and monitoring.


As the necessary network infrastructure is usually already in place, the EnviroDAQ solution can be deployed quickly and easily. The network connection can either be established via a LAN port or wirelessly via a 2.4 GHz WLAN connection (IEEE 802.11b/g/n). The WLAN connection can be encrypted via WEP 64/128bit, WPA or WPA2. A USB 2.0 port and a console port round off the interface equipment. The power supply (12 VDC) is provided via an external power supply unit or optionally via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).

In addition to LAN and WLAN, the MSR centers can also be accessed and commands sent via a 3G connection using the appropriate router.

Large sensor selection

Following sensors, interfaces and actuators are available:

  • Temperature
  • Air humidity
  • Air pressure
  • brightness
  • Movement
  • Extraction
  • fluidity level
  • Ger>-/li>
  • Smoke detector
  • Motion detector
  • Powermeter module (3-phase inductive)
  • mains voltage control
  • Network Watchdog
  • Contact input
  • Zähler

The actuators perform what you define. Voltages and currents of up to 230V can be switched at 16A.

Application examples:

  • Climate control, e.g. in the server room or museum by monitoring temperature and humidity
  • Switching lighting on and off with appropriate brightness or motion.
  • Switching of alarm devices and remedies for gas, water ingress, smoke, etc.
  • Reactivation of a device when it is no longer reachable by network ping.
  • Time and moisture controlled gardening
  • Energy management e.g. by ALL4590 power meter module and consumption-dependent switching of charging stations

Use existing cable networks for sensor connection

The EnviroDAQ platform uses a simple network cable (RJ-45 plug, Cat. 5) to connect the measurement and control modules to the central unit. This can be done using an existing cable network, such as your own network or telephone cabling. The maximum cable length between the central unit and the sensor module can be up to 100 meters. The modules are supplied with power by the central unit. A separate supply for the individual modules is not necessary.

Industrial suitability

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