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Manufacturer: ALLDAQ
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Product no.: 195862
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Up to 2 load modules are plugged into one base module. A total of 16 x 4 channels can be operated. These modules do not only provide a high precision resistor as dummy load but also pass the loaded channel to the measurement mimic. This allows to display the resulting signal fidelity e.g. at the virtual loudspeaker.

Due to the powerful passive and active cooling it is also designed for continuous operation with up to 10ADC. 

Each load box module is designed for 4 channels. Currently the following standard configurations are available:

Part Number: Name: Resistors and Power per Resistor
183233 ALLDAQ ADQ-LB-LM-2/1 4x 2 Ohm, 100W
180737 ALLDAQ ADQ-LB-LM-2/2 4x 2 Ohm, 200W
180736 ALLDAQ ADQ-LB-LM-4/1 4x 4 Ohm, 100W
180618 ALLDAQ ADQ-LB-LM-4/2 4x 4 Ohm, 200W
180620 ALLDAQ ADQ-LB-LM- 2x 8 Ohm, 1x 10 Ohm, 1x 2 Ohm, 200W
180734 ALLDAQ ADQ-LB-LM-8/1 4x 8 Ohm, 100W
180406 ALLDAQ ADQ-LB-LM-8/2 4x 8 Ohm, 200W
189210 ALLDAQ ADQ-LB-LM-10/1 4x 10 Ohm, 100W
180619 ALLDAQ ADQ-LB-LM-10/2 4x 10 Ohm, 200W
189211 ALLDAQ ADQ-LB-LM-16/1 4x 16 Ohm, 100W
189212 ALLDAQ ADQ-LB-LM-16/2 4x 16 Ohm, 200W

Nearly any other combination of resistors can be fitted. Just let us know what you need.

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