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Audio- and Vibration Measurement (SCU)


The ALLDAQ SCU (SCU = Signal Conditioning Unit)

Together with some customers, we have designed a board that offers a variety of possibilities to adjust signals between the DUT and the actual measurement mimic.

Analog inputs:

The intended measurement board, the ALLDAQ ADQ-348, has 32 differential channels, each of which can be individually conditioned by the SCU.

When an input signal is connected to the SCU, it goes through the following steps:

Input Coupling: Here you can set either DC or AC coupling.

Attenuator: To reduce a high input voltage to the level of the actual input of the DAQ board, an attenuation between 0 and -47.95dB can be set here.

Amplifier: To increase a low input voltage to the level of the actual input of the DAQ board, the required gain can be set between +12.04 and +33.85dB.

Amplifier and Digital Filter: To further refine the output signal, filter poles (low pass filter) and other amplification can be added.

Analogue outputs

The analog outputs are also individually adjustable. Each of the 4 channels is divided into two paths, which in turn can be individually amplified, defined as single-ended or differential output or switched as 50Ohm termination. This results in 8 analog channels.

Digital channels

All digital functions that the ADQ-348 offers are also provided by the ADQ-SCU. These include e.g:

    Trigger for the analog inputs
    Trigger for the analog outputs
    1x 8 bit port digital inputs up to 35V
    1x 8 bit port digital outputs up to 35V

Free relays

There are 4 freely switchable 6A/30VDC relay connections.

Expansion Boards

Since all functions of the SCU are controlled by I²C, it is possible to design additional functions and expansion modules. Currently 2 mezanine boards are available.

The power board:

    Two high current relays up to 50A/100VAC per relay
    4x further supply relays up to 5A/35VDC with a sense line at the input as read-back option, e.g. to a laboratory power supply.
    4-channel power measurement for the channels of the supply relays
    Up to 8x I²C addresses can be set via a rotary switch.

The relay board:

    32 further supply relays up to 5A/35VDC

Customer-Specific Expansions

Due to the flexibility provided by the control via I²C, it is possible to quickly design customer-specific plug-in boards. Please also contact us, if you want to realize an adaptation to another measurement board. Our team of hardware and software specialists will support you to quickly realize your project .

Different Models are available

In this table you can see the functionality of each model of SCU.

Options SCU Full SCU Full LT SCU Light SCU Light LT
Analog AC/DC voltage measurement inputs 32
(max. 78 Vp)
(max. 78 Vp)
(max. 28 Vp)
(max. 28 Vp)
Analog AC/DC voltage generator outputs 8
(max. 14 Vp)
(max. 14 Vp)
(max. 10 Vp)
(max. 10 Vp)
Analog input ranges (in/out) 4/2 4/2 fix/fix fix/fix
Programmable AC/DC coupling X X Jumpers Jumpers
Programmable LF filters X X - -
AUX relays X X - -
Monitor outputs X X - -
Headphone outputs X X - -
Power DIO X X X X
Standard I2C ports for external expansions X X X X
Buffered I2C ports for external expansions X X X X
ADQ-LINK ports for external extensions X X X X
Dedicated current measurement channels X (X) X (X)
Power Board X - X -
GPIO Relay Board X - X -


The price of the SCU is available on request.


Expansion of ADQ-LINK interfaces for the ALLDAQ ADQ-SCU

159,00 EUR

19 % VAT plus. excl. Shipping costs

Art-Nr.: 185077


Relaisboard for Signal Condition Unit, ADQ-151, etc.

315,00 EUR

19 % VAT plus. excl. Shipping costs

Art-Nr.: 150554
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