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Benchtop Oscilloscopes

The SIGLENT oscilloscopes with bandwidths from 70MHz to 1GHz, offered by ALLDAQ, offer many functions and features that are otherwise only found in higher priced devices.

Your SIGLENT will quickly become your preferred tool for capturing analog and digital signals for fast debugging.

Overview of Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (DSOs and MSOs)

Model Channel** bandwidth sampling rate Memory depth Logic-
Capture Rate Other* Prices
SDS1000DL+ 2+EXT 50 MHz 500 MSa/s 32 kpts -- -- I/Os*** 239,00 €
SDS1000CFL 2+EXT/ 4+EXT 70/100/150 MHz 2 GSa/s 24 kpts -- -- I/Os*** 1139,00€
SDS1000CML+ 2+EXT 100/150 MHz up to 1 GSa/s to 2 Mpts -- -- opt. FG for 4-channel models; I/Os*** 229,00 €
SDS1000X-E 2+EXT/4 100/200 MHz 1 GSa/s to 14 Mpts/Canal1) 16 Kanäle4) 400.000 wfms/s3) DC (standard), opt. for 4-channel models: FG, LA, WIFI; I/Os*** 359,00 €
SDS1000X/X+ 2+EXT 100/200 MHz 1 GSa/s to 14 Mpts/Canal2) 16 Kanäle4) 400.000 wfms/s3) opt.: DC, LA; I/Os*** 475,00 €
SDS2000X 2+EXT/ 4+EXT 70/100/200/ 300 MHz up to 2 GSa/s up to 140 Mpts/Kanal2) 16 Kanäle4) 500.000 wfms/s3) opt.: DC, FG, LA, PA; I/Os*** 789,00 €
SDS5000X 2+EXT/ 4+EXT

350/500/MHZ/ 1GHz

up to 5 GSa/s up to 250 Mpts/Kanal2 16 Kanäle4) up to 480kwfms/s opt.: DC, FG, LA, PA; I/Os*** 2869,00€

1) Interleave Mode 2) Single Channel Operation Single Channel Operation 3) Sequence Mode 
4)Optional 5) Net price plus VAT. Current price: See model
*DC = Serial bus trigger and decoding (I2C, SPI, UART, RS232, CAN, LIN);  FG = 25 MHz Function generator   LA = Logic analyzer   PA = Power analyzer software
**External trigger input
***USB host, USB device, LAN, Pass/Fail, optional USB-GPIB adapter

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