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EMI Antennas


Measuring antennas for EMV-Precompliance measurements

With the TBMA1 and TBMA2 measuring antennas from Tekbox, Alldaq offers two different approaches to EMC compliance testing.

The TBMA1 is a broadband measurement antenna for pre-compliance measurements. The broadband capability from 30MHz to 1GHz is at the expense of the gain or "sensitivity" of the antenna. With the TBMA1 it is best to measure at a distance of 1m, otherwise the interfering signals will be lost in the ambient noise. For this purpose we created CISPR projects in the EMCview software, where the limits for 3m measuring distance were converted to a measuring distance of 1m. But this has the disadvantage that below a frequency of about 300MHz the measuring distance of 1m moves into the near field. This means that measurements below 300MHz are not as accurate.

The TBMA2 is a CISPR 16 compliant antenna. Due to its size it has more gain than the TBMA1 and is therefore "more sensitive". The limits in the frequency range are usually specified for 3m or 10m distance. At 10m the antenna is above about 30 MHz in the far field. At 3m measuring distance the TBMA2 is in the near field at frequencies of about 30 MHz - 100 MHz, which is in accordance with the standards. The 3m limits are specified for large biconical antennas like the TBMA2. So if you measure with the TBMA2, you have a standard compliant setup and don't have to worry about far-field/near-field.


Tekbox TBMA1

Biconical Antenna 30 MHz to 1 GHz

579,00 EUR

19 % VAT plus. excl. Shipping costs

Art-Nr.: 183214

Tekbox TBMA2

Biconical Antenna 30 MHz to 300 MHz

999,00 EUR

19 % VAT plus. excl. Shipping costs

Art-Nr.: 183982

689,00 EUR

19 % VAT plus. excl. Shipping costs

Art-Nr.: 195895
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