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EMCview - the simple EMV-Precompliance-Software

PC software for testing EMC conformity during development (EMC compliance tests).

EMCview from ALLDAQ is a very user-friendly PC software for the EMV-Precompliance (EMV-Precompliance) test during development. Design engineers can easily and cost-effectively inspect their products for conducted and radiated emissions. In combination with the LISNs and TEM cells from Tekbox and the spectrum analyzers from Rigol or Siglent, EMCview is the ideal supplement for the software-supported EMC compliance test.

All Siglent and Rigol spectrum- and network analyzers are supported.

Latest updates

  • Selective measurement of individual frequency segments
  • Additional and revised correction and definition files (e.g. LISN correction files in accordance with CISPR16-1-2 A.8)
  • Loupe function for detailed curve observation
  • Pseudo-sensitivity mode (beta stage)
  • "RF Coverage" mode allows level measurement in dependence of GPS coordinates
  • Extended German manual

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EMCview Workspace


  • Simply load project and start measuring - no time-consuming configuration and training. All CISPRxx (=EN550xx) standards, as well as some manufacturer-specific automotive standards, are already predefined.
  • Integrated amplitude correction allows the definition of correction and conversion factors for cables, amplifiers, amplifiers, network simulations (LISNs), TEM cells, antennas, RF current transformers, striplines, and capacitive coupling links.
  • The software supports two complete measurement runs such as Average/Quasi-Peak or Peak/Quasi-Peak and additionally the possibility of a so-called Fast-Scan for the targeted analysis of critical peak values.
  • EMCview currently supports all Rigol and Siglent spectrum analyzers with EMI option enabled.

In accordance with the respective CISPR xx standard (according to EN 550xx), you measure emissions on the power supply with the 50 µH AC-LISN or the 5 µH DC-LISN and analyze emissions with the TEM cells of the TBTC series. Automatic amplitude correction allows correction factors for LISN, preamplifier, amplifier, antenna and cable to be charged and directly included in the measurement. The CISPR standards usually specify two measurement passages, which can also be displayed in the software (MeasureSet1/2). First with the so-called average or peak detector and finally with the quasi-peak detector. A quasi-peak measurement takes very long – almost 2 hours for measurements with the 50 µH AC-LISN and about 6 hours for measurements with the 5 µH DC-LISN. For this reason, it is possible to search the first measurement for limit violations and then in a second step to perform a quasi-peak measurement only at the highest levels.

All important CISPR standards are preconfigured. The user does not have to search for standards for a long time, then enter the boundary lines manually and then create the so-called segment files in the same way (including the spectrum analyzer settings for the measurement). The application is very simple: the program is started, the spectrum analyzer is connected, the project file for the required CISPR standard is loaded and all you have to do is "play". Of course, boundary lines and segment files can also be entered or edited by the user.

Application examples & advantages

  • Measurements accompanying the development for the evaluation of EMC properties
  • EMV training courses in prüflabor, school and university
  • Precompliance test of products before certification in the EMV test house, thereby reduced test costs
  • Reliable adherence to the time schedule until market maturity (time-to-market)
  • Connect spectrum analyzer, load EMC standard and start measuring!


  • Üover 170 standard-specific EMC measurements are predefined as EMCview projects. A project summarizes all settings that are necessary for a measurement. These consist of boundary line files, segment files, correction files for cable, LISN, antenna and amplifier, as well as various settings for display range, curve color and peak measurement.
  • The software supports two complete measurement passages – similar to the EMC test house. Start a pre-scan with "Set1" and then start the final scan with "Set2". With the Pause key you can pause a running measurement.

  • Quasi-Peak-Scan for the measurement of critical peaks under consideration of a possible frequency drift of the test object

  • Adjustable distance (so-called "margin" displayed as a dashed red line) allows the detection of critical peaks that are, for example, slightly below the boundary line.
  • markers are marked with a small x.
  • show/hide curves as required.

  • All definitions editable: Boundary line and segment files editable as well as correction files for cables, LISN, amplifiers, antennas, etc.

  • Numerous import/export functions

  • Loading (Load Reference Trace) and Üoverlay of reference curves for comparison purposes
  • Automatic creation of test reports

  • EMCview communicates via the VISA library of National Instruments with the spectrum analyzer
  • Connection between test computer and spectrum analyzer via USB or LAN (TCP/IP)
  • Currently supports all Siglent and Rigol spectrum- and network analyzers.
  • The EMCview license is bound to the serial number of the spectrum analyzer.

  *The license for the EMI option of the spectrum analyzer must be activated.
**If you do not (yet) have an EMCview license for your spectrum analyzer, you can test the software up to 10 MHz.

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