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Tekbox TBST 200/100/100 Shielding Tent

Tekbox TBST 200/100/100 Shielding Tent

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Shielding tent for your EMC measurements. Ideal for radiated and conducted measurements.

The TBST-200/100/100 EMC shielding tent from Tekbox is the ideal addition for your EMC compliance tests. You can use the tent both for shielding interference from outside and for immunity measurements to protect the environment from unwanted interference pulses. With a size of 200*100*100, it can accommodate EMC precompliance equipment such as LISNs or TEM cells up to the Tekbox TBTC3.

The shielding tent consists of 2 layers of conductive fabric. It is stretched with the help of a stable aluminium profile frame. The side filter panel provides one 240V/10A AC mains filter, two 240V/10A DC filters and four coaxial bushings with screw caps. The large access opening is sealed all around with conductive Velcro tape.


    Quicker to obtain meaningful measurement results
    Ideal for emitted interference measurements as well as for immunity measurements
    Excellent attenuation due to two-layer shielding fabric and sealing with conductive Velcro tape
    Incl. filter plate with numerous feed-throughs for supply and signal lines


    Shielding tent for EMC measurements
    External dimensions (W x D x H): 2000*1000*1000 mm
    Stable frame made of aluminium profiles (20 mm x 20 mm)
    Suspension of the tent on the frame with Velcro tape
    Large access opening: 850 mm x 350 mm, can be closed all around with conductive Velcro tape
    Screen fabric: 2 layers of conductive fabric
    Attenuation of the fabric: >58 dB in the DC to 1.5 GHz range
    Filter plate for feeding through supply and signal lines
        1 x 240V/10A AC filter; IEC connection
        2 x 240V/10A DC filter; connection via 2 x 4 mm banana coupling (red/black)
        3 x coaxial feed-through type N with screw cap (N-socket to N-socket)
        1 x coaxial feed-through type BNC with screw cap (BNC socket to BNC socket)
    Weight: 10.8 kg
    Tent is delivered disassembled, easy assembly according to instructions

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