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Cleverscope CS320A

Cleverscope CS320A

USB Oscilloscope with 2 Analog Channels, 4MS Memory, 10 bit A/D

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Manufacturer: Cleverscope
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Cleverscope Model CS320A - USB 2.0 Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer. 10 bit 100 MS/s, 2 analog channels, external trigger, 4M sample memory depth for each of the 2 analog channels. The powerful Windows software allows intuitive operation and graphic display of the data. The ground connection on the front panel is connected to the PC ground via the USB bus.


  • Two 10 bit analog channels simultaneously sampling at 100 MS/s, AC or DC coupling
  • Streaming transfer to PC hard disk with up to 1.5 MS/s at full 10 bit resolution (ENOB), for up to 200G samples
  • USB 2.0 Interface to PC or 10/100Mbit Ethernet (depending on model)
  • Scaling of amplitude is automatically adjusted from 20 mV to ±200 V (per division) depending on graphical display and divider ratio setting on probe.
  • Automatic offset setting corresponding to the amplitude setting. For example, a curve with an amplitude of 2.4..2.42 V automatically selects a 20 mV range at +2.40 V offset. This is handy for viewing small signals in single supply OP circuits.
  • Analogue triggering of the signal curve with regard to a resolution of 1% of the display height. The analog trigger can optionally be preceded by a low-pass, high-pass or noise filter.
  • External trigger input, threshold adjustable from 0 to ±18V in 40 mV steps
  • Trigger system reacts to rising or falling edge of any input signal
  • Each channel (2 analog channels, ext. trigger) 4M Memory depth for up to 20 ms simultaneous recording per channel at 10 ns resolution
  • The value memory can allocate between 2 and 3000 frames in variable sizes from 4M to 2000 samples. This can be used to store a history to re-check previously recorded signals or to capture up to 3000 trigger events with minimal delay between frames while maintaining the time reference between the first and all subsequent frames
  • .
  • 20 MHz Anti-Alias Filter 5th order for optimal performance of spectrum analysis
  • Trigger status LED and power LED on front panel
  • Power supply: 6..12V, 6W via universal power supply unit
  • Low jitter (1 pseff.) of the sampling for 70dB dynamic range
  • free of jitter
  • self calibration for highest accuracy
  • Dimensions: 153 x 195 x 35 mm

CS300 Application software

  • independent, freely movable and scalable windows for displaying the signal, a zoomed signal section and the frequency spectrum
  • spectrum analysis with a wide range of analysis options and display in logarithmic and linear formats
  • Each signal window contains a time and amplitude cursor and 2 markers for comparison purposes
  • Signal average calculation (exponential, block and peak hold) and lowpass filter
  • Signal measurements including peak-to-peak, rms value, DC, pulse width, period and frequency
  • Comprehensive mathematical functions including + - / •, x2, advanced analysis functions, integral and filter functions
  • Up to 8 user definable mathematical equations
  • Calculation of derived values: frequency, root mean square value, peak value, period, DC, standard deviation, and marker values
  • copy/import graphics and data into other programs
  • Save to and Öopen from storage medium
  • User definable units, signal names and scaling
  • adding comments to each curve
  • Mathematical formula editor with real-time Matlab transfer
  • Protocol Decoding for SPI, UART, I2C and Bus

Scope of delivery of the CS320A:

  • 1 x CS320A Box Oscilloscope, 10 bit 4 MSample, USB Interface
  • 1 x CS1050 Desktop power supply with cable
  • 2 x CS1001 250 MHz Passive probe (1x/10x)
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x CD with CS300 application software, instruction manual, sample files, videos and whitepapers

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